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World leading Solar Electronic Control Board

With sole worldwide distribution rights, we are proud to announce our new versatile electronic control board for solar-powered gates and other access systems.

Our new solar control board can operate most makes of 12V or 24V automatic gate motors. No need for qualified electrical engineers to install. One of the major advantages of our solar control board is the incorporation of retro toys a plug and play facility which makes gate / barrier installation far easier and safer than conventional systems. Mains power supply can also be used for poor sunlight conditions or if mains power is available nearby.
High-Security Vertical Lifting Gates         More...

For entrances with sloping ground or confined space. Maximum entrance width up to 10m.
High-Security Vertical Lifting Gates         More...

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Welcome to Solar & Electric Gates Limited.

The UK's leading manufacturers of solar-powered gates and access control systems including: Gate Automation Kits, Traffic Barriers, Security Gates, CCTV, Solar-Powered Street and Site Lighting ideal for lighting areas such as role play toys car parks, building sites, yards where no mains power supply is available. We are based in the West Country of England.

Latest News

New Readi-Guard Automatic Traffic Barrier reduces motorway access to work site incidents up to 75%
Our new mobile Readi-Guard Traffic barrier/Gates jointly developed with Colas Ltd has been omega replica watches welcomed by service compa
audemars piguet replica watches For Sale or Hire! - Our mobile Readi-Guard Traffic Barrier can be installed quickly and safely due to the low voltage required (12V DC) They can be powered by solar energy which makes them totally self contained and operational within minutes of arriving on site commercial led lighting or connected to a 230V ac power supply if available. battery can last for weeks or even months if required between re-charging
One of the latest additions to our solar Readi-Range is the new Solar powered Read-Guard traffic barrier for virtually instant perimeter security. Light & very easy to assemble onsite in just a couple of minutes proving rapid remote control of vehicles entering restricted sites.
All our automated gate kits are by far the easiest and safest to install on the market!

We have qualified installation engineers near you who would be happy to provide you with a complete gate and barrier installation service, if required, for all Swing gates rc helicopters.

At Solar & Electric Gates Limited, we configure each individual solar installation to run 365 days all year round - wherever your location. Yes, even through a British winter, up to 1,200 operations per day. However, if a mains power supply is nearby, then this can be easily utilised instead of solar power.


Our automatic mobile barrier can be pallet mounted or trailer option to site anywhere in remote areas where no mains power is available with the battery/s lasting many months if required providing up to 1000 operations per 24 hours. Ideal for increased safety at show grounds, public events or traffic control onto roadways, motorways, Etc. No cables or mains powered required. Can be operated with Key Fobs or automatic sensors, etc., Infra red built-in for safety. Rental of this barrier and Delivery/Collection can be arranged.